Happy Mother’s Day!!


On Saturday I went to the StoneOven, its a dining place where you can have dinner, breakfast and lunch!! My dad and brother went to the footy. Geelong vs Essendon, we go for the bombers!!! Me and my mum get dressed in fancy clothes wearing our best dresses. We dropped off Soap to her house because she came for a play. We then went straight to the StoneOven.

We waited for my mum’s parents and my grandparents.They finally arrived. My mum had maccorni and cheese, my grandparents had margherita pizza and i had chicken pasta. Delicious!!! We talked and talked and then we finished. They had some coffee and I had a gingerbread.Then we went home.

Sunday morning I gave my gifts to my mum, i gave my mum chocolate!! Tasty! Then sadly my mum and dad had to go to work. So i stayed on the coach all day with a headache.

My mums special to me because shes caring, loving, funny and she helps me with my homework. She cooks lovely food for me and helps me clean up my room.

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